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What is Box Barre?

Box Barre is the ultimate fitness lifestyle experience. Providing immersive, high-energy 50-minute boxing classes and barre classes which are as effective as they are fun!

Our mission and goal is very simple; to ensure that your workout is the best part of your day. Whether that be hearing one of your favourite tunes, luxuriating in our fabulous showers or refuelling with a fresh juice. Every part of your visit to Box Barre is investing in yourself, exercise is no longer a chore, we made it a treat!

Our family look to inspire, motivate, support and most importantly we are building a community who share the same vision of health, fitness and wellbeing. Here at Box Barre we practice what we preach. We are dedicated to working (out) hard and having fun. We love a challenge and spend every day continuing to innovate.

Mission accepted? Join the HUSTLE!

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We have everything you need to enjoy your workout before, during and after.


We've got a full sized boxing ring here at Box Barre, frequently used for promotional events for professional boxers.


For boxing classes we use teardrop aqua bags which absorb the impact and helps reduce the impact on joints, tendons and ligaments

Barre Studio

Our Barre studio will help you to develop posture, tone and balance through the wonder of Barre.


Changing rooms

Working out gets sweaty and that's why we've got Sheffield's best changing rooms with halo lighting, complimentary toiletries and GHD equipment so that you can look your best after your class.


Longer rounds to master the technique at each station


With halo lighting, toiletries and GHD equipment, you have everything you'll need to look your best after a great workout.

Why box barre?

Built on passion for fitness, fashion, healthy living and a love of the nicer things in life. Box Barre embodies a lifetime of travel and working in the sports fashion industry alongside professional athletes.

Often HIIT workouts really don’t ‘hiit’ the spot – an overload of cardio, a lot of sweating and being out of breath. A bit of lunging and a few chest presses here and there are not going to give you that dream body. Box Barre is designed to deliver progressive, targeted exercises focused on working muscle groups to completion. This is where the results kick in!

From personal experience, training 5+ times per week doing HIIT class after HIIT class, being exhausted immediately after, but then never seeing any physical changes. Working alongside athletes (who would never do a HIIT class!) I realised there was a huge gap for training like an athlete, with absolutely no need to be one! 

Hence the birth of Box Barre; bringing the skillset of Boxing (as who wouldn’t want the fitness of a fighter?!) where you can burn through 900 calories with high-impact, explosive training. This is complimented perfectly by the skillset of Barre - derived from ballet and pilates - for low-impact lengthening, strengthening and toning exercises (as who wouldn’t want the strength of a ballerina?!).

The lifestyle. After joining boutique studios in the US, I realised the social element is an amazing part of fitness. Friends would meet at the studio after a day at work, or even before, smash an insane workout set to the hottest tracks and grab a shower, fresh juice and head to the office or the bar after! This really transforms training into something to look forward to, often replacing a night out with a workout and setting yourself up right for the day (or night) ahead.

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844 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield S11 8TD