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Joining us for a class is easy and fun.

Booking a class

Simply log into your account on our website, or better still download the Box Barre App on your phone. Click ‘Book Workout’ or hit the Schedule button to bring up our weekly timetable; select the day and your chosen class then click on any available spot in the room to assign it to yourself.

Our room spot schedules – this just means the spot you select is where you will start. For example, if you book boxing bag no4, then you will start there, transitioning to weight bench no4 and floor position no4 as you move through the workout zones.

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5 minutes before the class:

First time? We got you – boxing gloves and yoga mats available to rent. You will need hand wraps (for boxing) and barre socks (for barre) which are yours to keep. Make sure you don’t forget to pre-order your juice/shake to have it ready and waiting afterwards.

During pre-class, we break down each of the 6 punches (if it’s boxing) and the basic barre positions (if it’s barre) so you know exactly what to do and when to do it.

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Warm up

Get ready cause it's about to go down.

Before we get to work on the boxing bags or the ballet barre, we’ll run
through a little warm up to get the party started. Remember to inform the
instructor of any injuries/niggles or pregnancy.


You will complete rounds of exercises in each of our three training zones -
for boxing classes this is the boxing bags, weight benches and mat. For barre classes, this is ballet barre, weight benches and mat exercises.

Depending on the class type (Signature, Sweat, Sculpt/Power) you will spend varying periods of time at
each station.

After completing a round in each station, there is a 30 second transition to
the next station. Once all three stations have been completed there is a
‘tough minute’ where everyone in the studio does the same exercise for 60
seconds… followed by a 60 second recovery minute before we all go again.


You did it, yes, you did that. Now go grab your fresh juice/shake from the
bar upstairs. We also have towels available to rent if you want to make the
most of our showers and preen for the day (or night) ahead.

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The Basics


Boxing doesn’t have to be complex.
In fact, we’ve made it real easy to learn by having 6 punches, each with its own number. Once you learn the punches you’ll be throwin’ like Rocky in his prime.

5 minutes before workout; the 6 punch breakdown and workout format.

Take your booked spot, hand wraps on, (and gloves on if starting on the aqua bags).

The bell indicates work time; first few minutes will be warm up exercises.Each round, minute-by-minute instructor led exercises working at your own rate.

Transition through all 3 training zones at least twice; aqua bags, fit benches and track work.

Little rest periods and tough minutes...3 minute cool down period**Optional victory dance.

The Basics


No Sweat! Our professional dancers will break it down 5 minutes before class begins so we all know exactly what the positions are. You don’t need to be a prima ballerina for this! Nor do you need any dance experience whatsoever*

*Attending tap class age 3 always advantageous in life.

Boxing Classes

We have three different boxing classes available for you, each one is aimed to burn calories in different ways.

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Check out the Barre classes we have to offer and book them.

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